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“It’s really the best edition of an Elric book ever...I love this book.”

—Michael Moorcock

“It is one of those rare fantasies that merits repeated reading with, each time, a different facet of its full meaning to be derived.”
Infinity Plus magazine

A great insightful review in Infinity Plus magazine by John Grant

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A long interview with Michael Moorcock, and a review of The Dreamthief’s Daughter are currently on The Zone.

The Dreamthief’s Daughter takes as its subject the fantasy genre, its historical roots and its relationship with the real world. When I began, I wondered if there was anything more to say about Elric and the multiverse that hadn't already been covered in Moorcock’s many explorations of the setting. It would be easy for a writer like Moorcock to rest on his laurels and turn out potboiling sequels, but this novel covers new ground and provides fresh insight into the character, the setting, and the fantasy genre. This is the first in a trilogy and I await the future episodes with great interest.” --The Zone

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“There are scenes of beauty and power, and serious ruminations on humankind’s capacity for great dreams and profound horrors . . . [Moorcock has] the remarkable ability to take wildly divergent materials, weave them together and make them work--in Moorcockian terms, bringing Law and Chaos into Balance.”

Locus on The Dreamthief's Daughter
The Dreamthief's Daughter Cover Art Copyright Robert Gould
Robert Gould's Wraparound Cover Art for The Dreamthief's Daughter Copyright 2000 Robert Gould

Wraparound Color Cover Prints

Through a special arrangement with Chimera Publishing American Fantasy is offering a number of the Signed and Numbered prints of the Cover Art. Limited to only 900 copies. This is a beautiful 24.5 x 16 reproduction, done using a superb scan of the original artwork.

$45.00 ($35.00 plus $10.00 P/H) (Limited to 900 copies )

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This is certainly the best looking book we have published at AMERICAN FANTASY PRESS. When after a decade, master fantasist Michael Moorcock returned to his most famous character, Elric of Melniboné, in an astounding novel of revelation, magic and intrigue, we were chosen to publish the limited edition of The Dreamthief's Daughter.

In this book, Moorcock introduced Count Ulric von Bek, the last member of the von Bek line and Oona, the Dreamthief's Daughter, who together with Elric, seek to save the Multiverse from the machinations of Prince Gaynor.

As the Nazis begin their big play in World War II, an imprisoned and beaten Ulric von Bek fights to keep his mystical black sword Ravenbrand from his power-mad cousin, SS Major Gaynor von Minct.

Elric falls during Lady Miggea’s siege of Eternal Tanelorn, in a plot that will bring the forces of both Law and Chaos to bear against the Balance.

Only the combined souls of Ulric and Elric can triumph, as Stormbringer and the Holy Grail fall into Gaynor's and Hitler's hands. And the schemes of the mysterious Oona might be the last chance to save them all.

This is an epic adventure moving from the concentration camps of Germany, into the wondrous underground land of Moo Oria, to a besieged Tanelorn, on to the point of origin of all things—the Grey Fees, and beyond that, to the shores of Britain. Moorcock fans will be delighted as the author takes them on a Grand Tour of his own personal wonderland—the Million-Sphered Multiverse.

Thirty pieces of original Black & White Interior Artwork
(7 full pages) by

Randy Broecker  • Gary Gianni  Donato Giancola
Robert Gould  • Michael Kaluta

 Todd Lockwood • Michael Whelan

Wraparound Color Cover by
Robert Gould

Original Color Frontispiece by
Don Maitz