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A PLAGUE OF SORCERERS by Mary Frances Zambreno
1993 ALA List of Best Books for Young Adults

"This well-wrought fantasy features several engaging characters (especially Delia); logically developed, clearly described rules of both light and dark magic; and a plot that hangs together, twisting cleverly at the climax.”— Kirkus Reviews (Copyright 1991)

“Zambreno's greatest accomplishments are the creation of a highly believable world where magic follows an intriguing set of laws and a cast of delightfully eccentric, constantly feuding characters—including a temperamental Weather Wizard, a feverishly verbal master Herbalist, a brilliant Theoretician and the shrewd and talented Jermyn himself. ” — Publishers Weekly (Copyright 1991)

"I'm really not one for mysteries,... but this one has the benefit of a thoroughly believable fantasy universe with a very interesting plot twist. I didn't realize that it was actually a mystery until I was completely invested. Plus, I always root for the underdog. And Jermyn is definitely that. But you've gotta watch those guys, they tend to win when you aren't looking. If you are lucky enough to have a copy, give it with confidence to fans of Christopher Golden's Outcast series, Suzanne Collins' Underland Chronicles, definitely Tamora Pierce's Circle books, or anyone who will appreciate a good magical mystery featuring an underrated boy. ;)” — Jackie Parker,

"...hilarious, inventive, surprising, and warm-hearted. It has its own brand of magic, but one that will make Friends of Harry feel right at home.” —

A 1993 ALA Best Book for Young Adults, A PLAGUE OF SORCERERS has been out of print for years. We are proud to announce the first eBook edition. And remember, before Harry Potter, there was Jermyn Graves!

is the story of Jermyn Graves and how he gains his unconventional familiar, the skunk Delia, at the beginning of his apprenticeship with his Aunt Merovice, an herbalist wizard of considerable power. Before they can begin his training, she is afflicted by the curse of a rival wizard, and Jermyn must instead become the apprentice of William Eschar, the Master Theoretician of the Wizards Guild. When a plague afflicting magic users hits their city and threatens the entire nation, Aunt Merovice falls victim. It's a race against time as Jermyn Graves and Delia prove to be the only ones who can unweave the web of dark magic and political corruption that hides a shocking secret at its core.When a plague afflicting magic users hits their city and threatens the entire nation, Aunt Merovice falls victim. It's a race against time as Jermyn Graves and Delia prove to be the only ones who can unweave the web of dark magic and political corruption that hides the plague's shocking origin at its core.

AGES 11-15
ISBN: 978-0-9907846-4-7



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WEINBERG TALES edited by Douglas Ellis, Robert T. Garcia and Phyllis Weinberg
1st US Trade Paperback
2018 LOCUS Recommended Reading List

Weinberg Tales features Robert Weinberg's series of articles: "Collecting Fantasy Art.” It is a fascinating look at collecting science fiction art in the late 20th Century with profiles on collectors Gerry de la Ree, Sam Moskowitz, Darrell C. Richardson, Robert Lesser, and others.  Through a series of remembrances of specific art deals, Weinberg describes how pulp and paperback cover art survived through the diligence and sometimes the crazy obsession of avid collectors. Illustrated with dozens of covers and illustrations from Bob's collection (in B&W).

The book also contains "My Life in Fantasy" in which Bob describes his years-long connection with the World Fantasy Convention culminating in his receipt of the convention’s Life Achievement Award in 2005. Finally, it republishes his life-affirming piece: “A Dream of Mars,” in which he details his life-long wish to travel to Mars. (Which explains Douglas Klauba’s stunning cover [at left].)

There are examples of Weinberg miscellania scattered throughout: a Robert and Phyllis Weinberg Books ad, an "I collect Fantasy Art" ad soliciting original art; their mail-order book catalog covers, sample pages from art catalogues, photos from the Robert E. Howard Days celebration in 2005, convention photos, family photos, book covers, fanzine covers and more.

In addition, there are over 40 appreciations from family and friends including Randy Broecker, Mort Castle,
Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Phyllis & Alex Eisenstein, Harlan Ellison, Ken Faig, Lail Finlay, Ron Fortier, Mike Gold, George Hagenauer, Angeline Hawkes, Tina Jens, Stephen Jones, Stephen Korshak, Joe R. Lansdale, Terry McVicker, Will Murray, Otto Penzler, Steven H. Silver, David Truesdale, Ray Walsh, and F. Paul Wilson.

270 pages, 7 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-9907846-6-1

Monies received (over the cost of printing the book) will be used to benefit Project Pride. Project Pride is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization that owns and maintains the Robert E. Howard Museum as an educational tool to promote and retain the legacy of Howard, creator of the sword and fantasy literary genre. Visitors include scholars and tourists from around the world as well as students of all ages from near-by schools. 


THE COLLECTORS' BOOK OF VIRGIL FINLAY by Robert Weinberg, Douglas Ellis and Robert T. Garcia
Signed 1st US Hardcover Trade Edition

Signed and Numbered Kickstarter edition / 90 copies
Signed and Numbered Leatherbound Edition / 25 copies
2016 LOCUS Recommended Reading List

“Arguably the finest art book of the year.”— Karen Haber, Locus Magazine

"Virgil Finlay specialized in pen-and-ink drawings of ethereal women, illustrations for Weird Tales, figures set against starry backgrounds (as in his much-reproduced portrait of H.P. Lovecraft in 18th-century garb), and scenes with a Midsummer Night’s Dream feel to them. In this case, exceptional reproductions do justice to the even more exceptional originals."
—Miichael Dirda, The Washington Post (Picks for holiday gift books)

"...this limited edition is a fitting tribute to Finlay, whose influence on the field is felt to this day. Published in a tiny edition of 400 copies this undoubtedly won't be in print for long.”
 — Arnie Fenner, Muddy Colors

Virgil Finlay was the premier illustrator of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror fiction in the pulps from the 30s through the 60s. This beautiful art book features art from the collections of Robert Weinberg, Doug Ellis, Glynn Crain, and Robert Wiener. Released at the World Fantasy Convention in conjunction with the Centenary celebration of Finlay's birth, this collection contains some of the finest reproductions of his B&W work to date, with most printed at their original size, so you can truly appreciate his fine artistry. The color pieces have been printed with a 200 LPI press, assuring a beauty and faithfulness to the image hard to surpass.

  •   9" x 12" book, 208 pages
  •   Commentary on Virgil Finlay by two of the field's foremost pulp art collectors: Robert Weinberg and Doug Ellis.
  •   48 pages of color (including roughs & 2-color pieces) and 160 pages of text and Black & White artwork.
  •   Buckram-bound regular edition with thick boards, acid-free paper and smythe-sewn. 400 copies.
  •   Signed by Robert Weinberg, Douglas Ellis and Robert T. Garcia.
Signed Hardcover  ISBN: 978-0-9907846-0-9
Signed Kickstarter Hardcover Edition  ISBN: 978-0-9907846-1-6
Signed, Limited, Leatherbound Edition  ISBN: 978-0-9907846-2-3



A WALKING TOUR OF THE SHAMBLES by Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe
Third Printing: Brown Cover

"If you can find it, get it. If you can't, beat the bushes and bribe your local bookseller until you can. Under no circumstances should you even think of setting foot in the Shambles without this invaluable resource. Neither the management nor the authors will be responsible for what happens if you do.” —Green Man Review

“Written with punnish glee and an eye for the most demented details of travel tomes (even to the inclusion of recipes and "Further Reading"), this one is a little gem.” —Cemetery Dance

"Brilliantly, sinisterly, banteringly, the authors of A Walking Tour mingle light jest with gallows humor in their descriptions of haunted structures taller than the Sears Tower, hostelries for immigrants from Ultima Thule, immortal lake-pent gondoliers, and a petting zoo from hell. The style is impeccable modern Baedekerese, with unsettling winks and sidewise talon-crammed grins..." —Nick Gevers, Locus

We invite you to tour the Shambles, that historic old Chicago neighborhood which miraculously survived the Great Fire of 1871. ("Ya can't burn Hell," as one local politician laughingly remarked.) Uniquely Chicago, the Shambles offers an array of delights for the intrepid sightseer.

In the finest tradition of Charles Addams and Edward Gorey, our trustworthy guides Gene Wolfe and Neil Gaiman reveal the secrets of the Shambles, finding the best places to eat, (and where not to accept food under any circumstances), where to begin your walking tour, and when to run.

This lovely edition of A Walking Tour of the Shambles sports a cover by Gahan Wilson, America's reigning King of Whimsical Terrors, plus interior illustrations of Shambles' locales by Randy Broecker and Earl Geier, two daring Chicagoans.






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Leatherbound Ltd Edition: Signed by Resnick, Willis and Klauba
First Trade Hardcover
E-Book edition

“...Mixtures of fantasy and private-eye noir, laced with healthy doses of humor, these are little nuggets of goofy perfection, absolutely guaranteed to make the author’s legion of fans cheer out loud—and then start clamoring for the next full-length Mallory adventure.”— Starred Review in Booklist

"Living in a magical world can be a blessing and a curse and it delivers delightful dilemmas to the diligent detective. What would you do if the intelligent, magic broom belonging to the arch demon who is your sworn enemy falls in love with you? How do you find a local politician when they die but decide they want to go out for dinner and a burlesque show or two before the funeral? When your sworn enemy decides to hire you, do you take the job? Toss in a magic mirror with an O.C.D./neatness problem, a petulant partner, and an office cat-person with expensive tastes but no long term (SHINY!) memory and you have a book worthy of your time and money." —John Collins,

"Against the unusual, keeping one's mind straight carries one further than you'd expect. "Stalking the Zombie: Fables of Tonight" is a collection of short fiction from Mike Resnick, focusing on his blend of noir and fantasy with detective John Justin Mallory, who works in an alternate Manhattan where the legends of our world are very much true. With a strong blend of humor and adventure, "Stalking the Zombie" is a choice and recommended addition to general fiction and fantasy collections, highly recommended." —Midwest Book Review

Continuing the series which began in the novel Stalking the Unicorn and continuing with Stalking the Dragon and Stalking The Vampire; Stalking the Zombie is the first collection of short stories featuring Mike Resnick's detective John J. Mallory. Eight, hilarious tales with a hard-boiled detective from our world, unhappily stranded in a Manhattan filled with trolls, pink elephants, blue-nosed reindeer, powerful demons and more. This edition features:

  • The story "Stalking the Zombie" appears here for the first time.
  • An original preface by Connie Willis.
  • An all-new introduction by Mike Resnick describing the origin of the series.
  • Artwork by Spectrum Artist Douglas Klauba.


Trade Hardcover ISBN: 978-09610352-5-9
Signed, Limited Edition: ISBN: 978-0-9610352-8-0


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INVISIBLE PLEASURES by Mary Frances Zambreno

"MFZ's stories are pithy, chockablock with munchy bits, and often wise. They are full of the medievalist's love of bright shining objects but also wired into the dark underbelly of change. Her strong women transcend the times in which they live, whether it's the difficult past—or even the more difficult future. So once again, I say: `Write more, damn it!" Please."Jane Yolen

"Undiscovered gems of genre fiction are not so rare after all, and they’re a lot easier to deal with for me when they come packed together in a nice collection like this.... If you’re looking to add another story to that tower at your bedside, then Invisible Pleasures — the kind you experience reading, which says something about this book — is a great way to top it off.” — Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

“. . . this is an excellent collection by one of the best writers of fantasy that I have ever encountered.” — Sam Tomaino, SF

“Zambreno writes psychologically astute historical fiction, as well as sensitive fantasy, but don’t underestimate her twisted sense of humor. Those looking for an anthology of unusual and varied subjects should read Invisible Pleasures for its own merits . . . and not just because Jane Yolen said so.” — Elizabeth Allen, Tangent Online

Invisible Pleasures is the first short story collection by Mary Frances Zambreno, author of A Plague of Sorcerers and Journeyman Wizard. A fantasy collection with smatterings of science fiction and horror. Over a dozen stories in all, the book covers the best of her writing.  Zambreno’s stories of powerful, intuitive women have engaged readers young and old for over twenty years. Known primarily for her young adult novels, you will find that her tales for adults are equally “Fast-moving, expertly written, and altogether charming.”

Queens, healers, witches, adventurers, students, young girls and others are the focus of these tales. Her protagonists are always pushed to the limit, finding their individual strength and resolve though adversity. Whether they occupy the author’s home of Chicago or the worlds of fairie, their journeys take place in a hostile world, whose threats are conquered by clear thinking, intellect and courage.

At their heart, Zambreno’s stories are puzzles whose clever resolutions surprise and amaze the readers who have grown to love them. With a deft hand she misdirects, teaches and astounds in stories that flow as easily as water. American Fantasy is proud to publish this collection which we are sure will become one of your favorites.

Cover Art by Spectrum Artist: Douglas Klauba

ISBN: 0-9610352-4-2



DARKSIDE by Dennis Etchison
Signed and Numbered 1st US Hardcover Edition of Author's Preferred Text

"If you haven't yet sampled this macabre and disquieting vision of "The American Dream" Gothic California-style, then you've got a treat in store: if you have, then you'll want to get a copy of Etchison's preferred version ... while stocks last". Peter Crowther

"Dennis Etchison's DARKSIDE at last brings him to the forefront of the genre, where he belongs." —Ray Bradbury

DARKSIDE IS A MODERN CLASSIC FROM DENNIS ETCHISON'S GOTHIC CALIFORNIA, a land where it may be impossible to distinguish between the mind's inner landscape and the world outside.

In a city of fast food and relentless sunlight, Doug Carson is trying to live the American Dream—California style. As his film career takes off, he marries a beautiful woman with three perfect daughters, and moves his instant family to Beverly Hills, ready for the Good Life. . .But soon something threatens their privileged lifestyle. Something that will alienate this step-father from his new family and plunge them all into the underworld of today's Los Angeles, a nightmare of quick thrills and meaningless death, built on a foundation of quicksand. To save his wife and daughters, Doug descends into a grim culture of teenage runaways, manipulators and murderers. It is a stark and twisted vision of L.A., darkly perverted from the idealism of the sixties. But he must learn the secret of the Darkside and survive, even if the cost is higher than he can possibly imagine. . .

When DARKSIDE first appeared as a paperback original in 1986, at the height of the horror boom, it included passages added to satisfy the publisher so that it could be marketed as the latest scream-of-the-month. After a single printing, it undeservedly vanished from bookstores in the U.S., despite high praise from critics like Michael Morrison who called it “a biting, almost unbearably grim indictment of the death of life in modern America. It is one of the seminal works of fiction in the eighties.”

Written by an author who has inspired a generation of writers to explore the skull beneath the skin of America's dark psyche, this ten-year anniversary edition marks the return to print of one of his most important dark fantasy novels. American Fantasy Press and Airgedlámh Publications are proud to bring you Etchison’s preferred text, corrected and restored, with an introduction by Ramsey Campbell and a special author's afterword.

Cover art by Joyce Tenneson



THE BROECKER SAMPLER Art by Randy Broecker, Text by Robert T. Garcia
Chapbook / 1st Edition

"Tentacles, skulls, skeletons, demons -- illustrations that would be right at home in the horror comics of yesteryear -- Broecker takes such glee in his work that he drags you into his imagination before you know it.”
–Ellen Datlow in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror

The Broecker Sampler is the first collection of the beautiful black and white artwork of Randy Broecker, whose art has graced books from:

  • Donald M. Grant (Borders Just Beyond, The Black Wolf)
  • Underwood-Miller (The Demon Princes series)
  • Fedogan & Bremer (Dark Detectives)
  • Highland Press (Death's Master, Night's Master and the unpublished Delusion's Master)
  • Pumpkin Books (Wishmaster, Dark of Night, White of the Moon)
  • Sarob Press (A Cold Hand on My Shoulder)

and many specialty press magazines like Fantasy Tales, Scream Factory, Fantasy Newsletter & American Fantasy. He's also designed creatures for computer games, and much more.THE BROECKER SAMPLER is the saddle-stitched, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 chapbook style publication.


MIDNIGHT MONSTER by Joe Fletcher with artwork by Gahan Wilson
Broadsheet / 400 copies
"The Midnight Monster sleeps beneath my bed,
And at dark o'clock each night
When the shadows hide the light
He snuffles restlessly and rears his head."

So begins MIDNIGHT MONSTER: A delightful poem written by one of Britain's foremost poets of the dark and gothic, Jo Fletcher. Author of Shadows of Light and Dark— winner of The British Fantasy Society’s "Karl Edward Wagner" Award & THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF POETS Editor's Choice Award.

Illustrated by the legendary Gahan Wilson.

MIDNIGHT MONSTER is a 11 x 17 broadsheet, printed on acid-free stock with light-safe inks.


Chapbook / 500 copies / 1st appearance, 1st edition

"The kind of short story that reminds you what fiction is capable of being, of doing, of making, for the reader and for the author.'' --Neil Gaiman

''I have only two words for the Tems'
The Man on the Ceiling: exquisitely compelling. The confessional power, the dangerously arcane secrets exposed, the field of its vision, and the way the story is told . . . well, I have only two words: you must read this. Four words. As good as anything I've read in the last half dozen years, I have only one word for it: simply brilliant. And one word more: Hurrah for the Tem axis!'' --Harlan Ellison

''Do not read this story if you are alone. Do not read this story if you are afraid of the truth. Do not read this story if you have ever been afraid of the dark and do not wish to be again.'' --Dan Simmons

''Melanie and Steve Rasnic Tem have given us a conclusive demonstration that the best horror is open-ended, exploratory, and emotionally truthful.
The Man on the Ceiling grabs the genre by the scruff of the neck and lifts it right off the ground.'' --Peter Straub

''The Man on the Ceiling is one of the most remarkable pieces of fiction published this year.'' --Ed Bryant, Locus Magazine


The Man on the Ceiling is the Tems' stunning semi-autobiographical short story about living with the devastating fears that lurk in our everyday lives. An examination of common dreads that will haunt you every time you see a shadow cross a wall or hear a noise in the dark, especially in the safety of your own home. On Ellen Datlow's and Paula Guran's Recommended Reading Lists for 2000, this novella appeared in both Datlow and Windling's Years's Best collection and Steve Saville's Year's Best Horror Collection. This was a 500 copy limited edition chapbook signed by the authors.


Signed, numbered, slipcased limited edition. Press Run Limited to 600 copies. 1st US Edition.

"The best edition of an Elric book ever...I love this book!"--Michael Moorcock

This First US Edition illustrated with over 30 new B&W illustrations, including 7 full-page pieces, all original to this edition by DON MAITZ, ROBERT GOULD, DONATO GIANCOLA, GARY GIANNI, MICHAEL KALUTA, RANDY BROECKER, TODD LOCKWOOD, & MICHAEL WHELAN!

When after a decade, master fantasist Michael Moorcock returned to his most famous character, Elric of Melniboné, in an astounding novel of revelation, magic and intrigue, we were chosen to publish the limited edition of The Dreamthief's Daughter.

In this book, Moorcock introduced Count Ulric von Bek, the last member of the von Bek line and Oona, the Dreamthief's Daughter, who together with Elric, seek to save the Multiverse from the machinations of Prince Gaynor. As the Nazis begin their big play in World War II, an imprisoned and beaten Ulric von Bek fights to keep his mystical black sword Ravenbrand from his power-mad cousin, SS Major Gaynor von Minct. Elric falls during Lady Miggea’s siege of Eternal Tanelorn, in a plot that will bring the forces of both Law and Chaos to bear against the Balance. Only the combined souls of Ulric and Elric can triumph, as Stormbringer and the Holy Grail fall into Gaynor's and Hitler's hands. And the schemes of the mysterious Oona might be the last chance to save them all.

This is an epic adventure moving from the concentration camps of Germany, into the wondrous underground land of Moo Oria, to a besieged Tanelorn, on to the point of origin of all things—the Grey Fees, and beyond that, to the shores of Britain. Moorcock fans will be delighted as the author takes them on a Grand Tour of his own personal wonderland—the Million-Sphered Multiverse. 




We have a few of these beautiful prints by Chimera Publishing. Limited to 900 copies. A perfect companion to our limited edition.

Hardcover edition
Collecting: Sorcercer’s Ship, Beyond the Golden Stair and Starshone World.
1st time in Hardcover.
First Edition Thus.
Cover by Hannes Bok


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